System Requirements
This device appears to use a mobile platform unsupported for MPMB's Character Sheets (e.g. iOS/Android). You will need a machine running Windows or macOS with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to use the sheet's automation.
All of MPMB’s D&D 5e Character Tools require Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on Windows or macOS. Android and iOS are not supported.
Some files below have the .7z extension (7-zip files). They are archives that are much smaller than their .zip counterparts, but require a program to open (e.g. the free 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for macOS).
The .zip and .7z files contain the same PDFs.

MPMB’s Character Record Sheet

Click any of the links below to download the latest free version of MPMB’s Character Record Sheet.

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MPMB’s Character Record Sheet (v13.1.4) [Colorful – A4].pdf25.0 MB
MPMB’s Character Record Sheet (v13.1.4) [Colorful – Letter].pdf26.7 MB
MPMB’s Character Record Sheet (v13.1.4) [Printer Friendly].pdf5.8 MB
MPMB’s Character Record Sheet (v13.1.4) [Printer Friendly – Redesign].pdf7.4 MB
MPMB’s Character Record Sheet (v13.1.4) [All].7z29.9 MB
MPMB’s Character Record Sheet (v13.1.4) [All].zip60.4 MB

SRD Only

Please understand that these files only contain the materials that Wizards of the Coast has made available for others to use freely, the System Reference Document (SRD).
MorePurpleMoreBetter (MPMB) can’t provide you with anything more from Wizards of the Coast other than the SRD, which is covered under the Open Gaming License (OGL).
See also the Frequently Asked Questions.

Adding content

You can easily add new content to the sheet made by yourself or other fans, see the How-To Guide: Add More Content.
For finding, creating, and sharing custom content, see the MPMB communities on the /r/MPMB subreddit and the MPMB Discord server.

Update Existing Character Sheets

You can bring a character created in an older version over to a newer version. Do this by opening the newer sheet, clicking the Import button (or Functions >> Import/Export bookmark) and selecting “Import a character directly from another MPMB’s Character Sheet PDF”. Then, follow the steps in the pop-up dialogs that appear.

For a more thorough explanation of what to do, see the “How To Guide: Upgrade to New Sheet”.

MPMB’s Spell Sheets per Class

These pre-generated spell sheets per class include a list of all spells, both alphabetical and sorted by level.
The character sheet above includes a way to generate character-specific spell sheets.

MPMB’s Spell Sheets per Class are only available for MPMB’s patrons.

MPMB’s Adventure Logsheets

These logsheets help you keep track of your Adventurer’s League progress separate from any one character sheet.
The character sheet above includes a way to add adventure logsheets to the character sheet PDF.

MPMB’s Adventure Logsheet are only available for MPMB’s patrons.

Beta Versions

These beta versions introduce new features that haven’t been fully tested.
Please try them out and provide feedback on what is and isn’t working.

Beta versions are only available for MPMB’s patrons.