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How To Add More Content
Adding new options for character creation

Last updated 30 December 2023

With new options, think of things like adding more player races to select from, or extra class archetypes, feats, magic items, spells, creatures to wild shape into, you name it!

To add content, it needs to be presented to the sheet in a way that the sheet can understand it. This means that it has to be written in the proper JavaScript syntax. A collection of such content is referred to as an ‘add-on script’ or just ‘script’ for short. This can be as little as a single feat, to as much as all the content of a book, or collection of books. There is really no limit.

The below video and guide shows you how to add the Blood Hunter class by Matthew Mercer to the sheet by using an add-on script file that has been written by MorePurpleMoreBetter.

You can find a good overview of all publicly available add-on scripts in the Community Add-on Script Index.

If you already have found and downloaded a script you want to import, go ahead and skip to step 2.

Or watch the video below instead. The link used at the start of the video is found below the video, in step 1.

Get a script to use

A so-called ‘add-on script’ is a JavaScript file or piece of code that holds instructions for an MPMB’s character sheet. This can’t be just any piece of code, it has to adhere to the JavaScript syntax of MPMB’s D&D 5e Character Tools.

To get such a file, you have two general options. Most of the time, option A will suffice, to find a script written by somebody else.

Find a script written by somebody else

For this guide, we are going to use an add-on script file written by MorePurpleMoreBetter for the Blood Hunter class by Matthew Mercer. This file resides on GitHub and downloading files from GitHub to you local machine is done in three easy steps:

  1. Follow this link to MPMB’s GitHub page with the script for the Blood Hunter class.
  2. On that page, click the “Raw” button at the top right.
  3. Now you will be brought to a website with nothing but text. Press Ctrl + S (or Command + S on Mac) to save this page to your local machine.
  4. Next, go ahead to step 2 for importing this file into MPMB’s Character Record Sheet.

Looking for more script files? Have a look at the Community Add-on Script Index or visit the MPMB communities on the /r/MPMB subreddit and the MPMB Discord server. There you can find many fan-made scripts to add to the sheet and get help with creating your own scripts.

Most scripts are shared via GitHub and Pastebin. To get a script file from those sites, make sure you download the ‘raw’ version. Their should be a button near the top labelled “Raw”. Right-click it and select to “Save Link As…”
Alternatively, you can click the “Raw” button and save the page you are brought to by right-clicking an selecting “Save Page As…” or by using Ctrl + S / Command + S.
Pastebin even has a “Download” button at the top that you can use.

Or write a script yourself

You can find the JavaScript syntax documentation here on MPMB’s GitHub. An in-depth explanation of how to use the JavaScript syntax to write your own import script is beyond this tutorial for now.

Add script to the sheet

It is highly recommended to only import extra content into a fresh MPMB’s Character Record Sheet (i.e. one you didn’t yet create a character in or was reset). Adding extra options to an existing character might cause the sheet to mess up.

Make sure you are using one of MPMB’s Character Record Sheets of version 12.999 or newer! You can find the version number at the bottom of every page of the PDF.
You can get the newest version by going to the download section of this website.

Here are the steps followed in the video above:

  1. Open a MPMB’s Character Record Sheet PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  2. Open the bookmark pane on the left and go to the Functions >> Add Extra Materials bookmark.
  3. In the menu that opens, select Import a file with additional material.*
  4. In the dialog that opens, click the button Add file.
  5. Browse to the script file that you saved in step 1 and click Open.
  6. You should see the file added to the list on the left in the dialog. Click Apply changes to confirm the dialog.
  7. You will get a pop-up telling you if the import succeeded or failed and you will subsequently be brought to the Source Selection dialog to further determine what of the added sources and options you would like to allow in the sheet.
  8. Use the sheet as normal with the new content you just imported.

* The same menu can be found by clicking the Import button , (or Functions >> Import/Export bookmark) and going to the Add homebrew material (custom script) submenu.
Also, inside the Source Selection dialog (which opens with the Sources button or Functions >> Source Material bookmark), you can get to the same menu with the Get more button.